Of Boba and Bulgogi

14,025 Days Alive

32 Ounces of Horchata Milk Tea with Boba

1 Order of Cookies and Cream Churro

Oh man alive and I DONE.

This week was so stressful my neck hurts. I got my Work Project done. I finished two and a half chapters of a new story (fanfic). And I tried a new restaurant!

We went to Hiccup Restaurant and Teahouse for dinner tonight, Fen, Kimmy, and I. It was good, except for the blinding, road-flooding, shoe-squelching downpour.

The food was great, the service wonderful, the noise level a little ear-ringing. I highly recommend the bulgogi beef fries with extra onions and mushrooms.

After dinner we went back to the house and watched the Miyazaki film Ponyo. It was my first time viewing the whole movie in one sitting. Good, sweet, cute, and well made; it’s a great example of one of the more kid-friendly Miyazaki films. The Cat Returns or Princess Mononoke are more for the teenage target audience. But Ponyo is much like Howl’s Moving Castle in that it’s good for the whole family!

Speaking of family! We welcomed another member to our little village today. My shield brother Bob and his wife Rayne had their second son today. His name is Auberon. His elder brother is Wolfgang sand everyone is happy and healthy.

I got some more writing done. At Chelé’s suggestion, I am going to be trying AutoCrit as well as Grammarly to improve and beta read my fanfic before posting. I hope to have the first chapter posted this weekend and the fourth or fifth chapter written as well.

I’m going to finish Papa’s blanket, in all hopes, on Sunday and mail it out to him Monday after work. If not this week, next. I really don’t know when Father’s Day is, so that’s my deadline? The Google tells me it’s the 20th. I can finish it by then.

I should go to bed. I now have plans with Reffie in the morning and should get some good sleep. Yay friends! We’re also making plans to go see a movie at the Tampa Theater this summer. Hooray!

Take your meds, folks!

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