Of Joint Pain and Pizza

14,027 Days Alive

4 Slices of Pepperoni and Onion Pizza Eaten

1 Horchata Milk Tea with Boba

Today was a day where I took it easy. I’m having a massive bad pain day. But I managed to get some things done.

J came over today. I bleached their hair and it came out really well.

Fen and I went to pick up my meds this morning and the pharmacy had put them back on the shelf because I took too long to pick them up? But I called and told them when I got paid so I could pick them up l. But it’s whatever. I’ll grab them tomorrow.

My little brother, Phoenix (actual name Sean Michael), gifted me a copy of Diablo 3 so we could game together. I think that’s pretty cool. Hopefully I can burn a few hours this week playing the game with him.

I got chapter one of my newest fanfic done and dusted. It even got posted on Archive of Our Own! I hope to have the next chapter live by the afternoon of the 27th. I hope people enjoy it. my friends Chelé beta read it for me and I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from J, Gwen, Chelé, Reffie, and Phoenix with this story.

Mentally, I’m okay. Not great, but okay.

Physically, I’m in so much pain. And I don’t know why. Yesterday I had such a shift in energy around 1:30-2p.m. that I ended up having to tale a nap while hanging with Reffie! Now Incan barely move I hurt so much.

Anyways, my pain has made me tired. I’m for bed.

Here’s hoping this week is much better going’s than last.

Take your meds, folks.

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