Of Cuddles and Coffee

14,036 Days Alive

We had a simple dinner tonight: grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. It was nice. We shared some coffee and a pre-made tiramisu from the grocery store. Now that was delicious!

Spock got another bath today. He rolled in something sticky on the porch and I was not about to have a sticky cat running around the house. It only took two palmfuls of the blue Dawn dish soap to get the mystery sticky out. But he was a bit miffed with me as a result.

I fed him and he seemed to get over his irritation fairly quickly. He parked himself in the small of my back as I lay down on the living room floor. My own “purr”-sonal heating pad!

Image is of a pale, short haired queer person wearing a beige cami top with a large, all-black cat laying on top of them, staring off into the middle distance.

Speaking of heating pads, he figured out how to turn my new one on. Or maybe I forgot to turn it off? But more likely the former, honestly, as he’s done it before.

I’m still struggling to write. I did a very little bit tonight, but it seemed a vague attempt of a dozen or so words over two disappointing hours. I need to suck it up and find the release in writing again.

I was so tired at work today. I feel like I barely accomplished anything before lunch. Tomorrow will be better, mostly because I will hopefully be getting more sleep if not more rest.

I didn’t get any crocheting done today, so Papa Ben’s blanket still lies undone. I’m so close to finishing it. Maybe four rounds left? It’s not like I can afford to ship it to him right now anyway. But I don’t want to think about that.

I’m tired. And in pain. It’s screwing with my sense of happy as of late.

I have to remember to start giving people my birthday gifts for them. I’m like a hobbit in more than height in that regard: I like to get small gifts for people in celebration of my birthday. I got Reffie something weeks ago and I keep forgetting to give it to her.

Anyway, my brain and body hurt, so I’m off to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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