Of Top Hats and High Tea

14,040 Days Alive

My friend Michelle from my job back at my first records retrieval joint took me out to High Tea for a pre-birthday celebration! It was pretty cool.

The High Tea took place at an event hall called The Event Factory. I even saw my coworker Livia there, having tea with what I assume were either friends or family.

Image is of a high tea setting with several small tea sandwiches, a scone, in the background is a sugar bowl filled with cubes of sugar, a jar of clotted cream and of strawberry jam, a teapot on a tea candle burner, and a teacup and saucer. The teacup is half full of a rose and vanilla green tea and has a spoon resting on the saucer.

Michelle also passed along a book called Malice, which is one of those Queer Faerie Tale retellings. I’m interested to read it and the other book she gave me called When We Were Mermaids.

After tea, I met up with J and their mother Melodie to hang out for a while. I got an awesome derby bowler from Melodie as a birthday gift. She even taught me how to best clean it!

Image is of a slightly smiling Theo wearing a polka dot dress glasses, and a black bowler hat.

I love the hat. I wore it for the rest of the day!

J and I broke metaphoric bread together as a pre-birthday celebration since they won’t be able to hang with me the day of the 27th, the Sunday before my actual birthday of Monday the 28th.

I have therapy tomorrow, as well as plans with Reffie. So I’m looking forward to at least one of those.

Well, this is me turning on for the night.

Take your meds, folks.

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