Of Wings and Weariness

13,179 Days Alive

11 Boneless Wings Eaten

2 Movies Watched

I am bone-deep exhausted and so tired of being in pain. I just want one good night’s sleep and to wake up not in pain.

Uncle George came over to break bread and do a load or two of laundry while he was in town for the conventions.

We watched the 2005 movie Robots with him. He’d never seen it somehow, despite being a big Mel Brooks fan. He was quite amused by it. We’re watching Mousehunt while we wait for his laundry to dry.

Spock seems to know that I am hurting. He’s been snuggled up on my chest since after dinner. We had boneless wings and curly fries like the adults we are.

I’m so… tired.

I know this will get better. I have a doctor appointment on the 6th of August after my insurance kicks in. Hopefully I’ll get some bloodwork done and find out how to fix whatever the hell is done.

I’m going to bed as soon as I am able.

Take your meds, folks.

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