Of Wandering and Washi

13,189 Days Alive

706 Day Streak on Duolingo

72 Miles Driven

1 Giant Shoebox of Washi

I went to go see a friend today that I haven’t seen in person for…. Maybe a year????

It was about an hour’s drive each way, so I dragged myself out of bed before ten a.m. I forgot breakfast, but I did eat lunch and two snacks. So, better than nothing.

Chelé, who I went to go see, gave me half a shoebox full of washi tape for my journaling needs. So much shiny things! And tons of pretty patterns. It was so nice of her to share some of her stash. Admittedly, she has hundreds of rolls of washi tape, so it was no great loss.

We had Publix subs, a fruit tray, and tried some of her baked goods: a nut-topped cornbread and an awesome pumpkin and chocolate chip quick bread. I got to take home a whole loaf!

I got home a little later than I hoped to, but Spock didn’t care so long as he got fed. Which he did. Don’t believe his lies. His meowy, meowy lies. He howls like he’s starving and then just eats the tuna topper of his food! He’s such a sillyhead. But I love him to pieces.

I’m looking forward to going back to work on Monday. I hope this week goes well and that Nancy, my coworker who was out half the week due to back problems, is doing better.

Son of a gun. I forgot to take my meds. Ugh.

Go take your meds, folks.

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