Of Watercolors and The Women

13,196 Days Alive

4 Experiments In Watercolor

1 Awesome, Belated, Gestation Escape Anniversary Tea Party

I woke up with a random craving to watch The Women. I have it on dvd but didn’t get around to it before my friends showed up because I fell back asleep after throwing in the first load of laundry. Whoops!

Oh well. I guess I needed the rest! And we didn’t watch it during our tea party because we preferred having chill music playing. Otherwise I would have put it, or The Princess Bride on.

I made a delicious Keto-Friendly Cucumber Dill Salad. I’m going to tweak it a bit and repost here, without the four feet of nattering and auto-playing advertising. Needs more garlic, some onion powder, and a touch of cream cheese, to thicken it, I think. Also, I need to get a veggie slicer.

I got belated birthday gifts today! A tarot deck I’ve been wanting, an awesome deck of playing cards, earrings, a rainbow bento box, and a tea cup and saucer set! Gwen gave them to me and I was super excited. The tarot deck is the Antique Anatomy deck. And the playing cards are a limited edition Bicycle deck called Aviary. It’s got OWLS!

We talked about who we consider our patron deities and, other than the triple god/goddesses, I jive with Athena and all her awesomeness.

I gave Gwen the hanging altar I hadn’t done anything with in months. She lit up like a Yule tree! It was awesome. We talked about how she could decoupage the shelves and backings to make it special to her. And we did a bunch of tarot readings for one another.

I’m still behind on writing chapter three of Crows at the Crossroads. I’m struggling with it. I really want to get it posted. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on it tomorrow when I go see Reffie.

I got more rows done on Papa Tom’s blanket! It’s a Buffalo plaid and I’m on the second section of I think eleven? Here’s a progress picture:

Image is of a red and black crochet plaid blanket in progress.

I’m using Daisy Craft Farm’s pattern but might change/alter the border. I’m not sure yet. I’m enjoying making it so far, though it is very labor-intensive and slow growing.

I’m tired now, not exhausted, but a good tired of a long day. I’m headed to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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