Of Pain and Pressure

13,197 Days Alive

3 Slices of Fried Green Tomatoes Eaten

1 Productive Afternoon

Oh boy. Reffie squished my soul back into my bones! I’m feeling loosey-goosey tonight and am glad I’m hydrated.

I took Reffie to Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen for lunch today after our morning of relaxation. And! I watched Love Actually for the first time today. Thank you again, Reffie, for showing me an amazing movie! I was sad that Alan Rickman, may he Rest In Peace, played such a jerk face. It was a good movie and now a bunch of memes I’ve seen on Tumblr make a lot more sense.

I started talking to this interesting person named Fyn today. Pronounced like “Finn”, and not to be confused with my housemate Fen. I really want to stay up and talk with them but I am tired.

Mentally, I’m okay? Not great but okay. I crocheted again tonight. Working more on Papa Tom’s blanket for the holidays.

Anyway, I need sleep. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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