Of Daisy and Deadlands

13,217 Days Alive

734 Days Straight on Duolingo

Gwen and J came over today for a role play date! We played the start of a Savage World campaign set in World War I but Deadlands style where things that die don’t stay dead and things that are living are… wrong.

I played an Irish tanking brute with a horse head. Like, built like a brick house, illiterate, hulk-smashing chick named Daisy Swift. It was a blast, even if I almost died because of a critical failure on an important roll of the dice. Snake eyes is never, ever a good thing.

I have Plans for tomorrow: do more laundry. And to do dishes. And maybe vacuum. Basically household stuff that I’ve been putting off during the week.

Other than the recent death from COVID in my friend circle, and one in the scope of the outer circle of one of my inner circle, I’m okay.

I took up my cross stitch for Linna for the first time in nearly a year. I need to write to her. Maybe I will add that to the to-do list.

Also on my to do list is to work more on Papa Tom’s Buffalo Plaid Blanket. I’m almost done with the eleventh block of color, but it’s not yet big enough for my liking. I thought 36 by 36 would be big enough but… it doesn’t even work as a lap blanket for me. So I’m glad I bought an extra skein of each color so I can make it longer.

My yarn winder from Reffie got a hell of a workout between yesterday and today. I wound almost two dozen scraps of yarn of various sizes to center pull balls. And Gwen wound some rainbow yarn I gave her. I’m thinking of investing in a yarn storage tote for the inactive projects.

Speaking of projects, here’s what’s currently on the hook:

  • White cotton blanket- worked in the round
  • Papa Tom’s Buffalo Plaid Blanket
  • Gwendolyn’s Jewel Tone Blanket
  • Fen’s Rainbow Blanket
  • Chelé’s Cloud Blanket
  • Aunt and Uncle Gator’s Ripple Blanket
  • The Canadian’s Blanket (that I keep in the car to work on)
  • My Scrapghan-Blue and Purple
  • Grandma Gator’s Yellow and Pink Blanket
  • My Not Scrapghan in Yellow and Red

There’s a blanket I want to make when I finish all of those and it’s based off the Persian Tile pattern I got from Bailey, an awesome, yarn addled-coworker. the colors are picked from the painting by below:

Image is of Vincent Van Goghs “Cafe Terrace at Night”.

The colors are going to be the following: dark blue from the buildings, the coppery orange of the terrace floor, the bright yellow of the building, white for the stars, the light blue of the sky, the dark green of the tree branch, and a light sage-y green. I priced out the yarn and it’s about $100 unless I get it on sale. So, once I knock the on-the-hook list to under five, I’ll start budgeting for the Vincent Tile, as I’m calling it, Blanket.

Here’s the pattern’s picture:

Image is of a crocheted blanket with red and orange starburst motifs surrounded by blue granny squares.

Anyway, I’m headed to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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