Of Meetings and Measurements

13,231 Days Alive

4 Rolls of Sushi Eaten

1 Successful Date

So! I had a date today with a new friend from OKCupid. Let’s call them Rose. It went super well, I think?

I always second-guess myself afterwards. If I talked too much or not enough. I dunno. Anxiety is a bitch.

I had fun though. I hope she did, too. We spent a solid hour talking fandom and writing while at the tea house. And even more about our needs and wants and boundaries about things. Not being shallow, but she’s very pretty and huggable and I want to cuddle her until her touch deprivation shuts up.

Spock loved Rose. Adored her and cuddled up in her lap, as he’s never done with me.

We went to the Tea House I usually go to. Ran into Sunshine there, of all people. I hadn’t seen him in a good year or so. He’s doing… well enough. Working as a bartender while waiting for COVID to clear up enough to go to school in Europe, as one is wont to do.

Then we went to the endless sushi joint up in New Tampa that’s awesome. We ended up back at mine talking for another two hours or so. It was nice.

I’m on the home stretch of Papa Tom’s Buffalo Plaid Blanket! Just one more row of border and I’m done!

Anyway, it’s nearly eleven. I should go to bed, now that Rose has left.

Take your meds, folks.

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