Of Achievement and Aggravation

13,233 Days Alive

1 Finished Buffalo Plaid Blanket!

Oh man, I finally finished Papa Tom’s Buffalo Plaid Blanket!

Now I have to make his hat.

Which, easier said than done when I don’t have the right sized knitting needles. Katas may have a pair I can borrow/have. Or I can throw money at the problem and buy a pair. Friday will tell.

I’m annoyed due to work stress and Spock being super clingy today. Which is likely because I am aforementioned stressed. But still. Cat parked on chest while trying to crochet is… difficult.

Mentally I’m just damned shiny that I finished that Blanket. And tired.

Might be getting run over by my cycle here soon, unfortunately.

Anyway, I’m for bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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