Of Packing and Playfulness

13,257 Days Alive

9 Hours Worked

2 Chalupas Eaten

Spock was super feisty when I finally got home from work today. Just in an unusually playful mood. It was cute.

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. Even if it is likely to be a thirteen hour day. I’m going on a quick weekend trip with Cousin Kay to go see Grandma Gator for the weekend tomorrow. So in early, out exactly at five, and on the road by six p.m. to the Gator homestead down in Fort Myers.

It’s a literal hundred miles. So. That’ll be fun with a passenger. I hope Cousin Kay has a good time with me this weekend. And Grandma Gator, too.

Mentally, I’m frazzled and read for this week to be over. Physical? Exhausted to the point of pain. I’ve got my meds packed and a therapy appointment scheduled for Monday evening.

I’m going to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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