Of “Arias” and Andouille

13,330 Days Alive

210 Year Old Character

18 Power Points to My Character

I’m still up with J and Bill6 for the weekend. Their nephew Grey is up here for the night as well and we’re playing a one-shot tabletop rpg (role-playing game).

My character is a 210 year-old naga named Arais. I am playing a chaotic neutral character who is rather mean. I keep hissing at Jamie and I have described my smile as having too many teeth.

Arias has poisoned daggers and claws, a lock pick and poisoners kit; the draw I had got me 18 points to put to my skills. Here’s a shot of my character sheet and the crochet project I’m on while I’m on holiday leave.

Image is of a Savage Worlds character sheet with red and silver dice atop it.

Bill6 is going to make red beans and rice with andouille sausage and French bread for dinner. I’m off to crochet and enjoy good food and good company.

Take your meds, folks.

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