Of Candles and Cookies

13,329 Days Alive

7 Rows into the Scrapghan

2 Batches of Sugar Cookies Made

1 Amazing Christmas Day

Today has been one of low-energy celebrations. Board games with Bill6 and J; prime rib after a morning nap. Today has been an easy day.

J has had candles going all day so it smells so good in here. Pine and cinnamon and mulled cider or something. Very holiday and Yule-ish.

My stomach is sour again, though, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s acid reflux from taking my medication on too empty a stomach? I don’t know. But my stomach kinda hurts and I keep burping sulfur. It is most unpleasant.

Spock is doing well visiting J and Bill6. He and their cat Mister Murder Mittens are curious but wary of each other. Spock is the more aggressive of the two, hissing when approached, but Mister Murder Mittens just seems to want to be friends.

I’m so tired for some reason today. It was a nice holiday, even though we opened gifts yesterday, and I enjoy spending time up here.

I look forward to more adventures and board games tomorrow morning before I head out back home with Spock.

I finally got to watch the movie The Martian today with J and Bill6! I quite enjoyed it. I do think my favorite line is “I’m going to science the shit out of this”. I might look in to borrowing the ebook from the library to read in the coming new year.

I’m working on a blue and purple crocheted blanket, jokingly called the “Blurple Scrapghan” for the colors it is made from. I’m about fourteen rows or seven repeats of color stripes into the blanket. I’ve started and stopped and trashed this same blanket no less than four times before finally finding a pattern I like from Attic24. She’s one of my favorite yarn bloggers and I’ve been following her blog since college.

Anyway, J and I are off to make a batch or three of some chocolate chip cookies. We may not put out cookies for Saint Nicholas/Odín/Santa anymore, but we both enjoy baking and found the holiday weekend a happy excuse to do so.

Rest well, friends. And take your meds, folks.

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