Of Sniffles and Songs

13,346 Days Alive

2 Musicals Watched Featuring Tim Curry

I got a Covid test today because I have some major sinus congestion and a cough. Thank the gods it was negative but they have no clue what is wrong with me. It wasn’t the flu either.

I’m just glad it’s not COVID.

Reffie dropped by this evening for a brief visit. With the wonders of technology, we watched a movie, played a generic version of Uno, and just generally had a good time. Since I was t feeling well, we masked up and I tried to stay apart. I’d feel awful if I got someone ill with my carelessness.

We watched two movies this evening, being in a silly and self-indulgent mood. The first was Muppet Treasure Island. And since there is no good metric for “enough” Tim Curry for one evening, we then watched the 1982 version of Annie. Very good time.

Fen made brownies, sans eggs because we rarely have eggs in the house. Apparently one can use 3 tablespoons of nut butter to substitute for an egg; who knew? Well, the internet did. But that’s besides the point.

I’m not feeling well. And I was told to quarantine by the doctor but work says I’m not allowed to work from home and have to come in tomorrow. Which, since I’m actively unwell, I think is bloody bogus. But, money is green and bills don’t pay themselves.

I’m going to go curl up with my heating pad and get some sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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