Of Burritos and Birthdays

13,487 Days Alive

1,000 Day Streak on Duolingo!

I’m super brain dead tonight, wrung out from a micro-manic episode in which I went through all my laundry to see what I could get rid of. The answer was not much.

Well, two trash bags of clothes, but I still own a lot. I’m trying to pare down, but genuinely, I’m going to be moving somewhere during the hottest months of the year and then I’ll need cold weather clothes again. I think it’s easier to keep what I have rather than re-purchase.

Today is my Papa Ben’s birthday! He and Papa Tom, his husband, celebrated with some pizza. I hope this coming year is one of good health and prosperity for him and Papa Tom.

I’m tired and wired and need to take my meds. I’m going to go do that, then read.

Take your meds, folks.

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