Of good Times and Good Byes

13,517 Days Alive

2 Slices of Lemon Cake Devoured

1 Fond Farewell

Cleo and I went to a gathering of my family today. Got to see all the cousins and spend several hours in a delightful cacophony.

Cousin Kay made the most amazing banana pudding! And my Mal and Bubbles brought their kids and some brownie cookies that were super good. The lemon cake Cleo made was pretty well received, too.

Cleo, bless them, hung on despite all the loud, joyful, and often hilarious moments this time around, just like last time. Most of us cousins ended up out on the porch, just gabbing. It was fun but loud.

I will miss my family for sure. But I am still greatly looking forward to the move to Chicago. Thirteen sleeps till wheels up!

I had a pretty bad panic attack after I got home from dropping Cleo off. I don’t know what triggered it. But it left me feeling wrung the hell out. I had to lay down, after.

Anyway, I colored my hair today with Cleo’s help and love it. It’s like, Ariel red.

I am going to go take my meds and crawl into bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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