Of Tea and Travels

13,527 Days Alive

3 Days Till Wheels Up To Chicago

0 More Days at My Former Job

I brought my time at the Law Firm to a close today. Stayed till five p.m. and everything.

I’m leaving behind several friends, but I hope to be able to stay in contact with the Rachels that took me to lunch yesterday, and maybe a few others.

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. I pick up Aaron from the rain station tomorrow afternoon. I don’t get to see J while she’s in town, unfortunately. But I at least get to see her mom, Melodie, tomorrow to give her a blanket I made for her.

I’m almost fully packed. Almost. I still need to empty out my car. At this point, I may just pull it ‘to the garbage and empty it that way so I can pack it better.

I have an interview tomorrow morning with a media company in Chicago so I’m going to appease the Duolingo owl and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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