Of Sunlight and Straightening Up

13,537 Days Alive

1 Makeshift Altar Erected

I have a meeting with Zee, Cleo’s mom in about half an hour. We’re going to go over changes to her website.

I need to figure out how to get the site software to work for me because Elementor is kicking my ass.

I found my caffeine pills today, so I popped one with breakfast to actually be a functional human being. I found my quilt, made my bed with it. It’s the one Sparrow and I blanket swapped for! It looks awesome in the new room.

One piece of artwork got damaged in the move, but I’m confident I can repair the canvas with some tape and super glue. Might highlight it with copper or gold leaf if I feel like it.

I want to get the art hung, but the wall likely has lead paint in it. So I need to get ahold of maintenance or ask about having stuff hung. I want to put Swamp Water over my bed. And The Godly Ass on the corner wall next to the window, over the radiator. The smaller pieces can go over Spock’s little area, and the two rectangular pieces can flank my original artwork over the bookshelf on the far wall. It’s just a matter of getting them hung.

I have to go to the laundromat tomorrow. Not looking forward to heaving all my dirty clothes down three flights of stairs, then several blocks, then killing time while everything washes/dries, the repeating the hauling in reverse. But! I need clean clothes, specifically my bras, for this weekend and next week.

I’ll be going to see my Papas on Saturday and want to be freshly pressed and dressed nicely. Might even wear something yellow to make Papa B. smile since it’s his favorite color.

Oop! Meeting about to start. Gotta run for now!

Take your meds, folks.

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