Of Horchata and Hauling

13,538 Days Alive

Oh man. I had to go to the laundromat today to wash my clothes. Hella expensive. It was $3.50 to wash one load and almost the same to get both loads I washed dry. But the owner and his wife were super sweet.

In so tired. And I have to go pick up my meds on Sunday from CVS down the road. I kinda wish I had a bicycle, but walking a mile won’t be too bad. I’m sure if I tried I could find a bus that would get me where I need to go or something.

Bianco and I went out for dinner this evening. To a Mexican place that had killer nachos. We’ll be having slow cooker chicken and mashed potatoes on Sunday and then tacos on Monday.

I am going to apply to more jobs this weekend. Maybe get an interview lined up or something.

I need an ac unit or a big box fan for my room. It’s so warm in here.

Anyway, I’m going to head to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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