Of Cookware and Coffee Mugs

13,539 Days Alive

2 Pancakes Eaten

I got to go see the Papas today. I’m exhausted, but walked three times my step goal today.

So… I’m in a phenomenal amount of pain. But I’ll be all right.

I have a video call with some interstate friends tomorrow, Reffie and another friend. I’m so excited. I hope to sleep in a bit tomorrow and maybe convince Bianco to go to the pie cafe down the street with me.

Right now, we’re unwinding before bed with a game of For the King. We died, quite a few times, in the first dungeon crawl we did in the Glittering Mines. We’re still alive. I’m at level two right now.

The Papas gifted me, and by extension Bianco, with some amazing cookware that will arrive by Amazon tomorrow.

Going to head to bed here shortly. After taking my meds and some pain medication.

Take your meds, folks.

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