Of Pasta and Pushing Through

13,560 Days Alive

207 Words Written

2 Loaves of Banana Bread Made

1 Load of Dishes Washed

I’m still in pain. Might be barometric pressure, might be all the stairs and shit I did yesterday.

I got up at seven a.m. On purpose. What purpose, I’m not sure but on purpose.

I was still sore from yesterday but decided to start the day with some yoga stretches in the living room while Bianco was still asleep in their room. It helped a bit, so did a metaphorical fist full of meds: Naproxen, mt Lyrica, Metformin, and my Wellbutrin.

Banana bread was the real winner today. The recipe I found, that I will be fiddling with until happy with it. Maybe some finely chopped pecans next time?

I’m watching my sugar so when I had a second sliver of banana bread with butter, I forwent my celebratory cream soda float. Even though it’s zero sugar soda, the ice cream still has sugar in it.

Anyway, I’m off to crochet.

Take your meds, folks.

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