Of Hats and Happiness

13,559 Days Alive

1 Hat Made for Bianco in Less Than Ten Hours

I have a job! I start at five a.m. on Tuesday. Not looking forward to that, but eh.

I was productive to the point of pain today. I took my meds, but fuck if I don’t need a hot shower or something to ease the ow.

Hauled my laundry down three flights, down the block, and did the wash/dry dance with a machine that hungers for blood and loose change. Then I hauled it back, up three flights, and haven’t put it away yet.

Did the meal plan for the week. Britt helped me with grocery shopping so I saved money while still getting everything we needed.

I started and finished a hat today. Made it for Bianco for the coming cold months. I’m going to make them a coordinating scarf as well with the leftover yarn.

I want to make myself a sweater. Crocheted, not knitted. I might use some of my jewel toned stash of yarn to do so. Might bastardize a pattern to fit me.

Anyway, I’m in pain and need to go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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