Of Farewells and Failures

13,652 Days Alive

130+ Miles Traveled Today

13 Days Straight Writing for NaNoWriMo

1 Sore Throat

I had to say goodbye for now to Mellon today. I’ll see him in two weeks, for Thanksgiving at the Papas’ house; so that’s something at least.

I’ve missed Spock something awful. Bianco was kind enough to look after him this weekend, which was super sweet of them.

I am excited that I’ll get to see Mellon again so soon. I really, really like him. He makes me feel special and is a damn good friend on top of it. Supportive and critical when needed, logical, friendly and loyal to his friends. He doesn’t even have a lot bad to say about his ex-wife except frustration at her poor choices and happiness that she’s striving to grow as a person. They’re no longer friends, but they’re cordial.

It makes me sad that they weren’t a good match for each other after the decade plus they were together. I’m helping Mellon explore his asexuality and helping define and respecting his boundaries just as he respects mine.

I really like kissing him though. Heh.

I got a “boyfriend hoodie” out of this weekend. Meaning he had a hoodie and gave it to me. Even spritzed a little of his cologne on it. Though that will likely fade by the time I wash it.

Oh! And it snowed! Like four inches in Indiana. I was so excited about it. I made my first snowball and threw it at the garage door so it would splat nicely. No snow in Chicago though.

We played two games with my white mono-Angel deck for Magic: The Gathering. Lost one, won one. I’ll have to practice more to strategize better next time.

When it was time to say goodbye for now, Mellon and I hugged for almost two minutes straight it felt like… a really good hug. Warm on a cold day and with someone I have feelings for.

I’m on the way home now. Riding the El now seven stops from home. I’m tired. Need a good shower and a cup of hot soup.

The train from Indiana to Millenium Station was a complete clusterfuck. Like, borked beyond reason. Barely any communication, being squished into buses when the train was running more than two hours late.

But I’m getting home, soon. I’m going to go decompress once I get home, let everyone know that I got home safely, and recharge myself as well as the smart watch DW gave me this past summer.

Take your meds, folks!

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