Of Pancakes and Pizza

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I’m still over at Mellon’s for the weekend. We spent the early morning cuddling in bed. I really enjoy his company.

We went out to breakfast at a local diner; had some orange spice hot tea with our meal. Breakfast was good. I got pancakes but still chose to use sugar-free syrup. So good choices were made. I even used the yellow not-sugar in my tea and used half and half rather than the French Vanilla creamer.

After breakfast, we went back to their house to build me a mono-white Magic: The Gathering deck. We’re doing a Commander-style deck and my commander is “Giada, Font of Hope”. That took a few hours, which was surprising to me. I remember M:TG as a quick to set up, long to play game. But I haven’t played since the early aughts. I mean like, high school. But it’s nice to get back into it.

We went to a game shop to pick up some extra cards, some card sleeves, and a deck box for me. I resisted the siren call of new dice while we were there. Mostly because Mellon gifted me a new set of dice with tiny black cats in them with a matching enamel pin. They’re so cute. I put the pin on my weekend bag, as it’s designed to display pins.

Once we left the game store, we hit up the green craft store for some supplies. I need to re-string Mellon’s tiger’s eye bracelet for him because the elastic is fraying. And I’m going to restring mine that broke.

We went to Half Price Books and he bought me the first volume of The Looking Glass Wars! It was very sweet of them and it was only four bucks!

We had dinner at a local pizza tavern. It was pretty good, for thin crust pizza. Our toppings were sausage and pepperoni.

I’m traveling home tomorrow evening. I miss my kitty baby something fierce. Spock will be quite unhappy with me for the first hour or so that I’m back. And then, he’s my baby boy again.

Mentally, I’m doing okay. Sad that Mellon doesn’t live closer, but otherwise fine.

We’re going to go watch Binging with Babish videos and cuddle before bed. So I’ll end it here.

Take your meds, folks.

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