Of Cleansing and Corndogs

13,697 Days Alive

4 Boxes of Books Packed

I wanted a corndog today, but the local Culver’s was out. So I went to this little hole in the wall called Slim’s for a Chicago-style dog.

For those unfamiliar, the picture of today’s blog is a Chicago dog. Invented by a Jew during the Great Depression, it’s an all-beef kosher dog on a poppy seed bun, with mustard, onions, relish, tomatoes, pickle, sport peppers, and celery salt. So good. Even better when paired with Vanilla Coke Zero.

I got more packing and cleaning done. Got all the miscellaneous yarn packed up for the move on Monday.

Oh! Mellon is coming in early Friday afternoon to help and spend more time with me. I’m so excited!

Tomorrow is my last day at the costume shop. I’m quite sad about it, but glad for things that are coming.

I am so nervous/excited for the new job. I really hope I can be a good manger for my team. I will strive to be fair.

I’ll have to go pick up all my meds from CVS and Jewel Osco before I meet up with Mellon on Friday. That’s when I get paid.

I am still bleeding pretty damn heavily. I hope it lets up soon. I hate it. My struggles with gender dysphoria hits damn hard during my cycle. I know I’m medically female. I even call myself a lesbian with an exception or two. But as a non-binary person, dating an AMAB non-binary person, it can get a little fuzzy on the whole gender alignment thing.

I video chatted with J today. We did some parallel work. They knitted while I packed and then crocheted when I hit a stopping point. I miss them terribly, them and Charles. But hopefully I’ll be able to game with them sometime and spend time with them.

Mentally, I’m kind of a vague hand-wiggle and a shrug when asked how I am. Stressed, worried about money, and I stirred up a lot of literal dust while packing so now I’m congested. Ugh.

I’m headed to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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