Of Kimchi and Keeper

13,769 Days Alive

Mellon is a keeper. We went for an adventure date tonight.

So, Mellon and I went out for dinner, to a Korean barbecue place for dinner. I’ve never had Korean barbecue before and it was a lot of fun. There was a grill set into the table and we had beef ribs and bulgoki beef; our server was amazing. I’m literally going to mail them a thank you letter for their amazing service.

Then we went to two different nerdy Magic: The Gathering card shops. I picked up a set of lovely dice both full-size and mini and they matched!

And then! We went to the mall to get some boba milk tea and to split a rolled ice cream cup for dessert. But Anthony let us wander Barnes and Noble for almost half an hour. I ended up picking up an anti-anxiety micro journal for myself and a small gift for one of my team members, Ashe. They’re a baby witch so I got them a decent starting book. I’m also going to lend a few books from my personal collection.

Mellon surprised me when I got out of the shower with a White Day gift! It’s Japan’s answer to Valentine’s Day: instead of women getting chocolates or gifts on Valentine’s, they receive them on White Day, a month later. I got so many Magic cards from Mellon. It was awesome getting to crack that many packs. I got some awesome cards, too.

My mother was released from hospital this afternoon, so that’s good.

It’s nearly midnight, so I’m going to bed after I appease the Duolingo owl. Tomorrow is going to be filled with cleaning and cooking.

Take your meds, folks.

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