Screaming, Sunny, Saturday

Days Alive: still 12,202

Naps Taken: 1

Alcoholic Beverages Avoided: 4

Birthday Parties Attended: 1

Hours Spent at Party: 5

Hours Traveled Both Ways: 4

Oh boy was today interesting. So many tiny humans. So many.

Image heavy post!

We went to Baby Bella’s first birthday today. It coincided with her mother, Cousin Ash, also actual birthday. Two for one!

We already celebrated her birthday, as well as Cousin Angel and Steph’s earlier this month at our awesome escape room trip!

There were tiny paw prints on my Darling Wife’s car this morning. A little kitty seemed content to tap dance upon the car in the middle of the night.

So cute.

I managed to stay awake the entire ride there. I usually have a butt-activated nap switch on longer car rides, when a passenger. I mean, I’m not Bubbles and her 20 minute nap switch, but over an hour or two and I’m usually dozing.

I have a fascination with skyline shots. I had over a dozen, but liked these three:

Those were on the way there.

And then we got to the Baby Bella’s birthday bash (say that five times fast!), and helped with prep work, ran herd on a few tiny humans, and generally had a good ole time.

I even got to try one of those Cutie oranges I’ve been avoiding for forever because I can’t ha sleep sticky juice-covered fingers. Just can’t.

I mean… for those that know me well, I can’t tolerate sticky/crumb/goopy odd textures. Can’t even eat chicken nuggets without a fork. There is a reason I eat popcorn with a spoon and Cheetos with chopsticks: I hate the feeling of a lot of things. Like egg drop soup. Can’t stand it.

So! New thing I can eat I locked!

Also, there was a cake smash at the party:

Initial investigation of the pastry…

She likes the green bit…
Sharing baby-spit addled icing is caring, right?
Ash trying to help encourage the smashing…
Trying a cupcake to get the desired squish…
…to no avail.
Flanked by Cousin Ash and Cousin Jay, the happy momma and dad.
And she’s done!

Not that the tiny human wanted to smash the cake. But apparently her older brother did the same not-smash on his birthday.

So, now, after a delightful dinner with the racist as shit in-law boys (dad and brother in law), and Nan, we flopped home. Steph and I both crawled through the shower and now we’re going to unwind and collapse.

Here’s hoping I can recover a bit tomorrow because I am BURNT. OUT. So low on spoons.

Too loud a week, too many people. If I have to leave the house tomorrow, I am going to be very disappointed.

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