Es-ka-peh? Funny, it’s spelled just like “escape”!

Days alive: 12,188

Total Words Written for NaNoWriMo: 16,682

Words Remaining: 33,318

Escape Games Won: 3 and counting!

Time Remaining This Time: 1 minute, 38 seconds

Panic Attacks Had: 3

Shrimp Found in the Potatoes: 6

Plans for Tomorrow: 1 restful one

Housewarming Parties Attended: 1

Time Spent Mocking Movies: at least 1 hour, 31 minutes

Miles Traveled Today: about 200

Man, oh, man, was today a blast! So much happened.

Quick breakdown: started the day at Tires Plus getting my Darling Wife’s car serviced.

While we were waiting, I crocheted!

We even brought some of the caramel popcorn cupcakes in for the mechanics there.

And the I bought us breakfast at the local Village Inn. No photos of that, but it was mostly bacon and me fiendishly fuzzing coffee.

We hit the local mega store for some groceries and another set of work trousers for me before setting off for Orlando!

Once there, we met up with our fam friends: cousin Ash and her hubby Jay, cousins Angel and Lil Mikey, and friends Claire and Randy. To the Escape Game!

We did Prison Break this time around. We escaped!

With less than two minutes left on the clock, I might add. But we did it! I got myself a new escape shirt and we are anxiously awaiting the new escape room they’re constructing.

No spoilers, but definitely check out The Escape Game if you make it to Orlando. Fantastic crew and well made escape rooms!

After that we hit up Dave and Buster’s for a lackluster, expensive dining experience. The service was frozen snail slow, but the garlic cheese curds and the wonton nachos were good!

Due to both my spiked anxiety, a minor avoided allergy issue with a half dozen shrimp ending up in Steph’s potato twisters, and a prior standing engagement back in Tampa, we did not stay to game. Management’s lackluster “well, do you have an epi pen?” response to the situation was a large part of it.

So! Off we headed, back to Tampa to visit Wil and Rina’s housewarming party! Yay party! It was basically just us riff tracking Return of the Living Dead. It was fun.

But now I need sleep. I have plans in the morn and wish to be well rested.

Brain gremlins are still negative assholes. But it gets better. I know it does. I just have to keep going. And absolutely ignore the intrusive thoughts.

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