Fantastic Friday

Days Alive: 12,187

Word Count for NaNoWriMo: 16,479

Words Remaining: 33,521

Plans Tomorrow: 3

Plans for Sunday: possibly 1?

Times I Got Lost at Work Today: 1

Steps for the Day: 4,354 + the double lap around work where I left my phone at my desk.

Better today. A bit. I’m doing great at my new adventure. Still sad, a little skin hungry even though I’ve been hugging J at least once a day this week. But the brain gremlins kinda faded to the background today as we had a lot going on.

Sera and I were together most of the day today. I answered the phone, dealt with random issues, and did a whole lot of walking.

Plodding through NaNoWriMo right now. Still on track but I need to heavily up my word Count here shortly.

I don’t have any photos today. And I’ve got a terrible headache. So I’m cutting this one short, too. A better update tomorrow is fairly likely.

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