March’s Final Friday Jr

12,226 Days Alive

7,221 Books to Read

3 Days Till We Meet Baby Bubble

2 Pairs of Glasses on the Way

1 Stressful Day

Happy Thursday, y’all. Today sucked.

I got massively overwhelmed at work, and that was before we had to call the damn sheriff to deal with someone.

I’m in the midst of a mildly manic upswing so I’m super hella creative right now. Too bad it comes with a hefty side of exhausted to the point of nausea.

Oh well. Gotta just keep going. Worst that can happen is I die. The best is that I keep going and eventually things level out.

We meet Baby Bubble on Sunday! I’m so excited. And we’re making breakfast for Mal and Bubbles, too! Full Irish fry up is the plan.

Another review posted today! 21 Dares was a weird read. Like, for real, I am genuinely worried for the author.

On the creative side, my gift for Baby Bubble is in its infancy (harhar):

Recapping yesterday briefly, my Darling Wife and I went to a local pub! It was date night PJ Dolan’s and I had a scotch egg and cheese fries. We split a weird sampler thing, too.

I feel like Change is coming, but I don’t know how. Maybe I’ll pull some cards, try to find out.

G’night y’all. Take your meds.

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