Thursday: Throat Issues

12,233 Days Alive

7,303 Books to Read

4 Commissions to Finish

1 Missed Day of Work

Peanut was my lap warmer for pretty much the entire day.

I left work before I even clocked in today. I had arranged to come in at 9:30, but felt and still kind of feel terrible. My voice is freaking shot. But I feel wretched for having to leave.

I didn’t get anything done today but dishes. I napped, gargled salt water, napped some more. Froze in 80 degree weather and had a sore throat so bad tea couldn’t even fix it.

Man, do I need a proper tea kettle though.

I’m going to work tomorrow, hell or high water.

I’m exhausted. So, early-ish night for me.

Take your meds, folks.

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