Chicken, Cards, and Cacophonous Laughter

12,475 Days Alive

8,142 Books to Read

We’re playing Cards Against Humanity at the kitchen table with our friend Rea, my Darling Wife, and Tink.

It is a lot of fun. But holy hell am I exhausted.

Stephanie made 40 garlic clove chicken with broccoli and it was so good. It’s a basic tweak to this recipe in that you heat up frozen broccoli in a cup of white wine and add it to the chicken. We also don’t use chicken thighs because Steph doesn’t prefer them, so it’s boneless skinless chicken breast. We also add fried garlic and oven bake it.

We’re cracking up about lime-zested watermelon making nipples hard, whether or not Dick Cheney is Alive, the technical definition of slang translation of tossing salads, and the possibility of sex with Patrick Stewart.

I’m gonna go continue playing. Have a good night, y’all. And take your meds.

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