Productive, Exhausting Day

12,524 Days Alive

2 Hot Dogs Eaten

1 New Character Made

Today started off with me sleeping until almost nine. Somehow, I’m still tired.

Then, it was random puttering about the house, crocheting and decluttering a bit. I’m working, among other things, on a shawl right now.

I worked on that and another project until we all went on an IKEA run. That was fun, even if we did pretty much power walk the place and I didn’t get to play my game of “Who Lives Here” this time.

All’s well, though! My Darling Wife helped me get my hot dog fix!

It was delicious.

My brain, however, construes this lovey gesture as my being a burden on my wife and friends with my stupid cravings. I’m pretty sure it’s just brain gremlins being assholes, but a small part of me always feels like no one wants me around. Even when I’m supposed to be there, wherever “there” is.

We also made our soul sheets for our Pathfinder characters that we are supposed to start a campaign with this coming Friday.

Camellia Fennelhawk’s soul/character sheet.

I was researching various flower meanings, since I’m a halfling. And I’m a halfling rogue with an 18 in charisma! Camellia means unpretending excellence, whilst Fennel means strength! In this case, it’s strength in charisma and lock picking. Hehehe.

We played a quick round of Exploding Kittens after that math-heavy character making.

I’m tired. I’ve got to be up early. G’night folks. Take your meds.

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