Lunch and a Leisurely Stroll (Around WalMart)

12,609 Days Alive

9 Boneless Wings Eaten

1 Grocery Store Meander

1/2 Slice of Cake Eaten

I had lunch with my Darling Wife and Cousin Ky today! It was a hoot. We talked about a lot of different movies.

I ended up with a mild literal bellyache from all the laughing before we even finished lunch. We went to a local pub, Glory Dayz, for lunch.

We talked about work and Kay’s winter break. And Cats. The newest musical train wreck to inflict upon people, apparently. And also cult classics that are actually good like Flight of the Navigator.

All in all, a lovely meal with two lovely ladies.

And then I went grocery shopping so I can try and curb the random snacking at work. I looked at getting a flan, what with Reffie being in my thoughts, but couldn’t justify 56 grams of sugar without doing something about it after. So I grabbed a Banana Creme and an Orange Creme yogurt that are only 10 carbohydrates and no added sugars. I hope that will curb the craving for sweets at work.

I also grabbed two salad bowls because a human should not sustain on cheese sticks and tea alone at work. I even grabbed some microwaveable Atkins meals so I start having dinners more frequently. And tuna packets!

I spent my remaining afternoon helping Steph put the living room back in order after she snapped the Christmas Tree in half to fit it in the dumpster. Quite the Amazon, my Darling Wife. And then I crocheted and watched Murder on the Orient Express. Which… I found a little lackluster. It was an enjoyable movie, but a little tepid. Body sure why. Oh, and I crocheted, of course.

Feline assistance

I hope that eating a bit more helps kick my metabolism in the ass so I can start losing weight again. I’m stuck at 270 and hate it. I got below, briefly, but I was post migraine vomiting fit and mega dehydrated. So it doesn’t really count.

Mentally, I’m okay? Not great, and feeling like a failure, but not actively suicidal. So that’s something.

I feel like I’m coasting a fine line between manic and depression right now. Anxiety isn’t as much a problem, so I’m not sure if this is what neurotypical people experience? Is this normal? Coz it kinda sucks.

It’s like waiting for the proverbial shoe to constantly drop and it’s exhausting.

Maybe my anxiety is worse than I thought. Heh. I need to get some writing done.

But for now, sleep. Perchance to dream.

G’night folks. Take your meds.

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