Finally Feeling Human

12,663 Days Alive

8,468 E-Books to Read, 101 E-Books Left to Read in 2020

12 Analog Books Left to Read in 2020 for #TheABC2020

10 E-Books Completed So Far

3 E-Books in Progress Currently

1 Overzealous Me

Man, when I set goals, I really hope to achieve them. And so far, I’m behind in my reading goal, even if I’ve accomplished other goals.

If you don’t recall, or you’re new to Postmark Wonderland (welcome!), I have a set of goals for 2020:

My Lofty Goals:

  1. Read all 111 ebooks I have planned
  2. Lose sixty pounds over the course of the year (around five pounds a month)
    • I started the year at 275 lbs. Total goal weight is 160 lbs, by 2022.
  3. Finish DW’s blanket before his birthday in August
  4. Get and keep $500 in my savings account
  5. Go to the new Chihuly museum
    • Went with Reffie; I was surprised by it!
  6. Go to the Dali Museum
    • Went with Reffie; same day as the Chihuly. It was a secret mission and we dressed up like real dapper ladies!
  7. See three movies in theaters
    • Knives Out, with Linna
    • Little Women, with Linna
    • Parasite, with Cousin Kay
  8. Paint another pottery piece
  9. Finish Papa’s blanket
  10. Make Pop’s blanket/throw
  11. Take Stephanie on an adventure, or go on one myself
  12. Travel somewhere and get a postcard for myself
  13. Get a postcard from someone
    • A lovely postcard from Auntie and Uncle Gator from NYC!
  14. Sent at least six letters
  15. Finish the analog book challenge
  16. Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo
    • This is in April and I’ll be aiming for at least 30,000 words
  17. Participate in regular NaNoWriMo
    • This is in November and I’ll be aiming for 75,000 total words
  18. Get a working draft of a novel done
    • I want to have a working draft done by the end of December.
  19. Go to a museum I haven’t been to before
  20. Go see a live show
    • Aladdin, in January with Tink! It was amazing!

What I’ve accomplished has been crossed out, and I hope to finish all twenty by the end of the year.

Mathematically, I need to read one analog book a month (I’m behind), and just shy of ten books a month to finish on time. I’m way behind on that, but I’ve no doubt I’ll catch up. I’m currently reading Marie Kondo’s book as well as Alice Hoffman’s The Rules of Magic. I anticipate finishing the books before the end of the weekend. Well, The Rules of Magic at least. I’m not sure if I’m going to devour Marie Kondo as quickly as I do fiction.

I’m finally feeling human, with the help of medication. I have to take a prescription strength medication to help with the incessant nausea, but I’m glad to take them because I was able to hold down both breakfast and lunch at work! I don’t have any other symptoms but the nausea, so, while I’ll avoid handling any babies tomorrow, I’m going to go to my darling niece Evie’s birthday party.

I’m exhausted, though. Today was a very difficult day at work. I still feel like I’m floundering. I was doing so well and now I’m just… not. And it’s frustrating as hell.

I’m going to go read for a bit before going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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