Good Friday 2020

12,705 Days Alive

6 Rows Left on DW’s Blanket

3 Pork Chops Eaten

Now, I’m not an Easter celebrator. But I can acknowledge the holiday, as well as Passover. I know it’s important to Papa Ben, though. So I’ll likely reach out to him and wish him well.

This week was killer-diller at work. We were slammed with work and I feel like I’m not doing well enough. But I still absolutely love what I do. Though, I’ll admit I was more than a little lonely today. I miss having people in the office. But I know why we’re doing it. Flatten the curve. Get over the peak of COVID-19, stay alive, stay healthy. It’s still lonely.

Anyway! Steph made this amazing dinner tonight. Pork chops, which I don’t generally enjoy but will consume, and mashed butternut squash. The pork chop was really good and the mash was awesome.

After dinner was Ghost Adventures and crocheting. Still pecking away at DW’s Blanket. Almost done with the first row of green, so that means on five rows and a border to go!

I’m probably going to shave my head again this weekend. I keep going bonkers with my hair being as shaggy as it is and the purple mohawk is sadly boring now. Might be a touch of the COVID-19 quarantine, but also I just miss having my head buzzed.

It’s after eleven now, so I’m going to go read for a little while and go to bed.

Take your med, folks.

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