Self-Love Journal: A Reflection

12,757 Days Alive

31 Journal Prompts

What a month, man. What a year. I literally can’t fathom everything that happened in May alone.

I’ll focus on what I can. #BlackLivesMatter, #FuckTrump, and fuck COVID-19.

Today was long and exhausting. I didn’t sleep well last night. There’s a lot going on with the protests and riots right now. Trump is making it worse. People are still dying from COVID.

The world is going to hell. In slow motion, it seems.

I have to execute control where I can. And I gotta say, I am going to feel like sleeping in until six thirty from now on. Early morning entries aren’t as fun as late-night ones for me.

I’m feeling…mentally and emotionally exhausted. There’s so much going on. The ‘Rona, my car, Spock, work. These last weeks have been difficult as hell. I was working through the second-love prompts as well. In the wake of all this self-examination, I realized that I really do need to work on my self esteem. I mean, I don’t know how to stop hating myself, but maybe by showing myself more affection, patience, and compassion, I’ll be okay in the long run?

I’ve been reading more, which I like. And crocheting. I’m still working on Cousin Kay’s blanket, too.

And the new Good Eats episodes are on demand; so Steph and I watched a few of those this evening.

I’m going to bed here shortly. Love thy neighbor, friends. And keep bright the fury against injustice when it would be easier to just not care.

And most importantly, take your meds, folks.

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