Spock Snuggles and Tea on Twitter

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I accomplished everything I needed to this weekend. I ordered more filters for my air filter, got the first round of party supplies for the birthday party next weekend, and got a nap in.

My energy levels have tanked the last few days. Downside to my uterus throwing another fit. The cramps have been really bad, too. I wonder if my endometrial polyp Percy is acting up again.

My joints hurt, too, but that could just be that I was out and about in the heat? Or just my knees/shoulders being dumb. Meh. It’s whatever. More an ache than a sharp, stabbing pain and nowhere near bad enough to take medication for it.

Spock has been super clingy today. I don’t mind much, except when he lays directly on what I’m trying to crochet.

He was doing a lot of bleping today. It was super cute.

Maybe he knows I’m sad? I haven’t heard from Robert, my actual birth father, in a few months despite reaching out a few times. And I’m really missing Daddy. I found some old pictures of us together yesterday and it was bittersweet.

Speaking of sweet, I’ve been craving Fry’s chocolate covered Turkish Delight for a week now. Maybe I’ll hit up Publix for some after work tomorrow. Probably not, but the thought is there.

I picked up a new coloring book whilst at WalMart. Not that I needed one, but I wanted it and was within my budget. It’s the little things.

Another little thing I got to enjoy today was a virtual tea party with Reffie and Coat! I had a massive mug of salted caramel tea, Reffie I believe had chai, and Coat had a barley tea that sounded quite interesting. It was a fun time! We Tweeted back and forth as we got our tea made. I committed tea-sacrilege and had to microwave my water, but one does what one must when they don’t have a proper kettle (yet!).

I worked more on Cousin Kay’s blanket. It’s really coming along nicely. I hope to have it done before next I see her, but who knows when that’ll be what with the COVID mess.

I made sure to wish my brother Mal and Uncle Gator a happy Father’s Day today. They’ve both been really supportive of me in the last decade and I really appreciate the relationship I’ve built with both of them.

Anyway, the last thing on today’s list is to run through the shower. So I’ll go do that before bed.

I just realized I forgot to take my meds at 7. Gods damn it.

Take your meds, folks. I’m going to go take mine.

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