Cats and Kettles

12,788 Days Alive

1,580 Pages Scanned at Work

299 Day Streak on Duolingo

1 Analog Book Started

1 Awesome Birthday Gift Recieved

Pardon the shorty caps: I HAVE A KETTLE NOW! Ahem. Reffie got me this awesome electric kettle for my birthday. It arrived today, so of course I have to test it out.

I’m a little warm tonight, so not going to break in Kevin the Kettle tonight. Or am I? Fuck it, Imma make a cup of salted caramel tea.

Whilst Kevin the Kettle is heating the water for tea, I will tell you about my latest book I’m Reading. With feline assistance, of course, as both Peanut and Spock are rather clingy this evening.

I decided that since I have a plethora of witchy books on my shelves that I haven’t even cracked yet, I could take my all-female reading offline as well! Skye Alexander wrote The Modern Guide to Witchcraft. It’s a pretty basic book and fairly heavy on the gender assumption of its audience to the feminine, but it’s been readable so far. Just this evening, I’ve read through the first twelve chapters.

I’ve been taking notes as I go. Stuff I know, stuff I don’t, stuff I want to research more or read more on, and things or quotes I like. I think I will go through all of my witchy books, eventually. But for now, to knock down some titles off #TheABC2020/The Analog Book Challenge, I will be tackling the witchy reference shelf.

Hey! Kevin the Kettle has done his job admirably!

I’m going to go enjoy a cup of tea.

Take your meds, folks.

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