Tea, Talking, and Tarot

12,812 Days Alive

15 Minutes with a Psychic

2 New Crystals

1 Big Whoopsie

So, apparently my days alive count has been off for a while and I just now bothered to double check it. Oops. I’m not going back and correcting it right now, because heaven knows where I messed it up. So I’ll just solider on from here and fix it when I can.

Today was a nice day. I got together with my friends from high school, Ian and Megan. We met up pretty early in the day, but it was all right. I was only five minutes late because I overslept. Again.

Just so long as I don’t oversleep on a work day, I’m fine. Weekends I can deal with being a little late. Work, I enjoy my punctuality and so does my team members.

We hung out at Megan’s for breakfast because I was against going out to brunch. She made the awesome paleo pancakes with mini chocolate chips in them! It was really good. She had blueberry pancakes and Ian had both blueberries and chocolate chips in his. We talked about people we had known back in high school and how things have changed or stayed the same over the years. Ian laments the loss of my long hair. I keep trying to grow it out but I get impatient as all hell with it. I’ll keep trying.

Ian and I at Fort De Soto beach

After breakfast, and Megan’s small gift to me of a palm reader’s palm and guide book, we masked up and went for a drive.

We tried this place called Kung Fu Tea and Token Ramen. We only got tea, and take out at that. I got a coconut milk tea with boba. It was all right. I’d probably get almond next time as I seem to favor it.

After squeezing back into Ian’s car, we did a drive through of the rich neighborhood to look at the pretty houses. It was cool. I still prefer the historic district type houses myself, but seeing the beach front mansions was cool.

After that we drove out to Fort De Soto beach. We walked around a bit, but it was super hot and there was no cloud cover. We ended up just taking shelter at an empty pavilion and talking some more.

Megan and I at Fort De Soto beach

We saw a pair of cardinals while we were there. They’re good luck!

Since the beach turned out to be a bit of a bust, we went down to Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. We went to Enchanted Notions and got our tarot cards read.

I picked up a rose quartz worry stone while I was there, and a few candles. I held off on getting sage because I really want to work on making my own bundles to burn. I also got a blue goldstone and a rose quartz bracelet. They were fairly decently priced.

The tarot card reader, whose name I don’t remember, basically told me to get off my ass and get writing. So that is what I did when I got home tonight.

My stomach has been sour all day. I wonder if it is from anxiety or maybe the sushi? Either way, I felt rather icky for most of the day. But I powered through and I don’t think Ian or Megan could tell I was feeling poorly.

We also went to a popsicle shop next door to the witchy shop called Hyppo. I got a chocolate and sea salt popsicle. Which, honestly, just tasted like an old school fudge pop.

I should hang out with Megan more. She’s not all that far away and she is one of the reasons I’m still here. She was a fantastic friend when I was younger and is a remarkable woman now.

Anyway, it’s almost ten so I’m going to take a shower and head to bed here shortly.

Take your meds, folks.

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