Nearly the Weekend

12,823 Days Alive

I have to get my car serviced this weekend. The check engine light is on. I’m hoping it’s an easy, affordable fix.

I am supposed to go see Bob and Sis this Saturday after getting my car seen to.

I also have a lunch date this Sunday with Elliot! I’m excited. After, I’ll have a Skype chat with Linna. I’m looking forward to this weekend, mostly.

Work was stressful. Nothing went to plan and now we’re going to be behind. And it is partially my fault for not being able to get some things accomplished. There’s just too much to do and not enough people to do it. And it’s frustrating. We have a new person starting this week, but it’ll be a month or more before Sal, the new lady, is up to speed. We’ll just have to power through.

I got myself Taco Bell for dinner this evening. I figured I accidentally skipped lunch and deserved something nice.

Oh dear. It’s already eleven. I should go to bed. That’s what I get for playing the Sims at night. There goes four hours of my life!

Take your meds, folks.

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