The Journey Begins

12,830 Days Alive

1 New Set of Keys

We got the keys to the new apartment today. Decals and gate fobs and all that Jazz.

Made some polite conversation with the neighbors across the courtyard as Fen and I were hauling stuff in. There’s lower left neighbors, Dan and Cathy; they’re smokers but seem sociable and well established in the neighborhood. They new the property manager, Jodie, by name.

Then there’s upper right, the plant lady, Pam. She’s a smoker, too, but has a fabulous container garden on her front porch.

I hung my shower curtain up today, once I got the right hooks for it. There’s a weird bathroom window I’m going to get some privacy film for so I can keep it open for natural light.

I might put some over the bedroom windows, too actually, since I have two.

I’m still torn between excited and sad. It’s truly the end of a chapter and one that I’m disappointed that is ending. Or ended the way it did, I guess.

Anyway. I have to go to bed. It’s after eleven and I have both work and more moving to do tomorrow after work. Elliot is supposed to drop off the bookshelf to the new place tomorrow. They’re so sweet and I’m sure that they’d get along with Fen. Or at least I hope they do!

I’m for bed. Take your meds, folks.

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