Friday, Thankfully

12,831 Days Alive

1 Tired Me

I am absolutely exhausted. We moved about four loads of stuff from my car today. And I loaded it back up this evening for another trip tomorrow morning.

I hate moving, but I am looking forward to unpacking. I don’t like living in Boxtopia.

Elliot came by the new place today to drop off a bookshelf they had to spare. It was so sweet of them. And then we sat and talked for a bit. It was nice.

Work went okay. A lot of outgoing mail this afternoon, though. Had me staying a little late, but nothing I can’t handle.

I got to video call with Linna today. It was lovely. We did the whole cabbages and kings discussion sort of thing where we talked of everything and nothing.

I told her about the new place and the move and work. She told me how things were going well for her up in Georgia. I miss her but I’m also glad the transition was a positive one.

Anyway, I need sleep. And for the brain Gremlins to shut the fuck up. I’m really struggling right now with the upheaval. But things will be okay. When they settle down or something.

I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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