Simply Busy Saturday

12,832 Days Alive

1 Sore Me

My thighs are sore. So are my knees. It’s only sixteen stairs to the second floor, but it ain’t fun hauling stuff in 90-100 degree weather.

Tomorrow is the first big push for the move. I’m hoping we can get the majority of my stuff over to the new place tomorrow so next weekend is easy.

Spock is going to go over to the new place tomorrow to get acclimated to the apartment. I’m not looking forward to half an hour of cat howling while we drive to the new place but needs mist and all that.

I’ve got his litter box set up already, in the far corner of my room. I’ve got my bathroom set up, too, minus the hand soap. But I’ve got bars of soap in my collection that I can use.

I deflated the yoga ball for transport today. It’s weird to be at that stage of packing where almost everything is done.

I’m struggling with eating again. I don’t think it’s like full blown anorexia or anything. But I need to get better about actually eating. Today I had a slice of leftover pizza and two mini banana muffins m. And that’s it. I could have eaten dinner but I just… couldn’t. And I don’t know why.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I want to get up early to crochet. I’m going to head to bed after I appease the Duolingo owl.

Take your meds, folks.

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