Moving Day: The Big Push

12,833 Days Alive

3 Good Friends

1 New Chapter

I’m exhausted beyond words so this will be quick.

I moved in with Fen today. J, Joy, and Fen helped. I’m feeling a lot of things and don’t quite know how to sort it all out. Overwhelmed for sure. Sad for another.

And it was a change that happened faster than I thought it was going to.

But I felt so out of place. And still do. I kind of hope to get right footed again soon.

I’m sore, sad, and tired.

But I’m also grateful. To Steph and Tink for their patience while I was moving. To the friends that have been supportive since the divorce and beyond. For Joy, J, and Fen for helping me haul all my crap from New Tampa to here.

I’m going to try focusing on the gratitude and to get some sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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