Weary on a Wednesday

12,829 Days Alive

16 Days Till the Big Move

My head is killing me. I’d say I think I overdid it today, but I only packed a half dozen boxes.

I want to go to bed but it’s still too early for me to do so.

I picked up a pair of pillows and a set of sheets for the new place today while I was out after work.

My brother Mal and his wife Bubbles are gifting me an old bed of theirs. I’ll likely have to replace the mattress within the year, but it’s something to sleep on in the meanwhile. And it has a frame as well!

We get the keys tomorrow and I’m going to start moving stuff in on Friday. I’m excited but still a little sad.

The screen is starting to hurt my eyes. I’m going to go take some pain meds and see if I can go to bed early.

Take your meds, folks.

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