Silliness on a Sunday

12,840 Days Alive

361 Day Streak on Duolingo

3 Episodes of A Touch of Cloth

1 New Smoothie Tried

I spent the day with Reffie today. She gifted me a wonderful bag of chocolate as well as the pleasure of her company today.

We spent the majority of the morning running some simple errands. I picked up catnip for Spock while we were about town because my spastic fantastic cat needs some natural assistance calming the hell down sometimes.

Reffie introduced me to two new things today: 1) melon wrapped in prosciutto and 2) a smoothie joint called Yo Yo Juice that makes a darn good pineapple-banana-coconut smoothie.

We watched all three episodes of the wonderfully wacky John Hannah show called A Touch of Cloth. It is on Amazon Prime Video and I highly recommend it for some seriously played satire of police procedurals. And it has some very familiar faces in it, too.

I also got some writing done. We wrote two shorts in half an hour each using a random generator for words and phrases. It was a fun exercise in timed writing and I think something I need to do more often. I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing much more than my blog. I’ve fallen out with reading as well. Just haven’t had the spoons for it as of late.

I’ll find my rhythm again. Maybe once I properly settle in the new place. I still feel a bit… off kilter. And still miss Steph and Tink. I know I could reach out, but I feel like it may be a bother to them or that they might want space. Hell, they might be upset at me for leaving. I just don’t know. I’ll give it some more time and then reach out. There’s no point in borrowing stress.

I colored my hair this evening. Went a combo of Ion’s Radiant Orchid and Hottie Pink. I’ll post pics tomorrow. I’ve got a face mask on now. Heh.

I’m off to crochet a bit more on Sparrow’s Seaside blanket.

Take your meds, folks.

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