Muggy Monday

12,848 Days Alive

701 Days Posting in a Row

1 1/2 Rows Done on Sparrow’s Seaside Blanket

It did nothing but delightfully storm all day today.

Work went well. I may be taking on some more responsibility at work here soon, which will be interesting.

I still love my job. I am just a little shaky on self-confidence. But that will come with time. It’ll be easier, also, when I’m not alone in the office. But I don’t expect anyone to return to the office before the end of the year.

I managed to get my Lyrica refilled today. Ended up having to play phone tag with both the pharmacy and my doctor’s office to get it taken care of, even though I requested the refill last Tuesday. It’s resolved for the positive and that’s all that matters.

Dinner was the leftover spaghetti and meatballs from last night for both Fen and I. I also had a bowl of cereal. I should remember to take my sugar before bed, too, since I’ve got a doctor’s appointment in a few weeks.

I’m a little burnt out today, so I pulled one of the Thera-Pets cards Joy gave me. Today, I got a Phoenix that reads: “you will rise above the ashes you will find a way to become whole again”. Apropos given how I’m feeling lately. Like I’m missing something, be it vital or trivial.

Image is of the Thera-Pets box and a card depicting a Phoenix that reads “you will rose above the ashes you will find a way to become whole again”.

I’m about to go to bed, but I wanted to share that I passed the year mark on Duolingo a few days ago. I’m working on Esperanto currently and hope to move on to the next level for it soon.

Also, Sparrow’s Seaside Blanket got almost two rows added to it today. It’s getting big!

Image is of a round ripple crocheted blanket in blues and white.

Anyway, Spock is glaring at me to give him some ‘nip. So I’m off to catmint the cat. Have a lovely night.

And don’t forget to take your meds, folks!

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