Of Echoes and Enchiladas

19,541 Days Words in My NaNovel

12,930 Days Alive

So, I woke up this morning scared out of my wits because I thought someone was in my room. While it was still dark out, I woke up and could have sworn someone was standing in the middle of my room, looking for something. Scared a year off my days, for sure.

Spock seemed to notice it/him, too. It seemed like an echo. Just means I need to cleanse the hell out of our apartment when we’re both home Thursday. That’s the extent of my Thanksgiving plans: enjoy the day off.

Spock spent most of the day being a cuddle bug.

Since I can’t spend it with the Gator side of the family due to stupid COVID-19, I’ll at least give everyone a call that day to say hello.

I almost hit 20,000 words on my NaNovel today. I have so much more to go but am having trouble finding the wherewithal to actually sit down and write for prolonged periods of time. My hips have been hurting something fierce as of late.

I’m hoping tomorrow is more productive for me. Hell, I need this whole week to be more productive. But, as I keep trying to do: I’m not borrowing worry needlessly. This week will be fine.

Maybe I’ll go to the store tomorrow and pick up the ingredients for breakfast for dinner or something like that we could do on the actual Thanksgiving Day.

There’s some interpersonal drama in my life. Not being stalked or anything; just errors in communication that make have snagged things up. These things happen. And it’s more than one person so, ya know, even more fun.

Ugh. I like individuals but people kinda suck.

Anyway, I’m for bed. Take your meds, folks.

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